Mists are a relatively new concept in the commercial marketplace. I love them! I like to have one in my car, one in my bath, one in my office, one in my living room, one by my nightstand, and one in my purse. I don’t leave home without one! I particularly love the blend of lavender and ylang ylang in our Lily Moisturizing Mist. It is moisturizing and hydrating to your skin, while it is joyful and uplifting to your spirits.

What to look for in a mist

Look for organic mists with pure essential oils that are wonderful for your skin, like lavender and ylang ylang. Look also for other ingredients like comfrey for its cell proliferating properties, vegetable glycerin for its humectant value (its ability to pull moisture from the air to your skin), seaweeds because most of them can hold twenty times their weight in water, lily for its calming and healing action on the skin, and chamomile and calendula because they are soothing.

These organic mists, like herbs themselves, are so versatile that I use the same mist as a perfume before going out and spray it onto my pillow before going to sleep. I find the essential oil of lavender especially nice. I use it as a light moisturizer alone or with one of our organic creams before applying makeup. It is a perfect light summer moisturizer for oily skin and a nice addition to an organic cream for dry sensitive skin. I use it to set my makeup after application. I keep one in my refrigerator and use it after a bath to cool me from the heat of the water. For those lucky enough to have a hot tub, a mist is a perfect accompaniment.

I am constantly using the mist in my car, not only to hydrate and tone my skin, but also to calm down during stressful moments on the highway. I often use the one in my office while typing, talking on the phone, if I need a break, or if I need a pick-me-up.

These mists are one of life’s little pleasures. Get one at your health food store, shop our hydrating moisture mist for extra hydrating benefits, or make your own by adding five to ten drops of your favorite essential oil or oils to eight ounces distilled or herbal water, and put in a spray bottle.