sage for natural skin care

Essential oil of sage is a top ingredient for organic skin care.

Sage, a staple in natural skin care, is a distinct-smelling herb you might more usually associate with Thanksgiving stuffing. However, organic sage purifies and tones dull skin. It also has excellent properties as an antiseptic, a cleanser and a deodorant.

Distillation of Sage

To make essential oils for natural skin care products, both clary sage and dalmatian sage are useful. Capturing their oil involves a distillation process.

To distill sage, start with fresh sage — organic is best, of course. You will need a still. It doesn’t need to be giant — you can purchase stills that are no bigger than a coffee machine.

You put the sage in the top flask and water in the bottom flask. As the water heats up, the essential oil drips into the separator, settling on top of the water. Drain out the water, and you’re left with essential oil of sage. You’ll only get about 5 milliliters of essential oil from two liters of sage leaves.

Uses for Sage

Lily's Farm Fresh Natural skin care

Organic sage for natural skin care.

Sage is antiseptic, healing, disinfectant and astringent. It is commonly used in sick rooms, directly on insect bites and as a mouthwash. Clary sage is used to regulate hot flashes for women during menopause. The essential oil is also used as an anti-depressant. Because of its euphoria-producing qualities, it is even known as an aphrodisiac!

Concerning natural skin care, oil of sage mixed with lavender is a classic cleanser. You can also mix essential oil of sage with rosemary as a hair conditioner. Oil of sage is a stimulant to the skin, which improves blood flow. You can also use it to heal breakouts because of its cooling effects. It’s effective for several skin types including normal, blemished and even over-hydrated skin!

I like to use oil of sage in the bath with lavender and juniper for a relaxing, pleasant and detoxifying experience.

Sage in Natural Skin Care

Sage is excellent in toners and astringents. Clary sage has a high content of linalol. Pure essential oil of clary sage is very expensive. You often see this essential oil in skin care products for older women to help maintain their youthful appearance.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Nourishing Facial Cleanser

Natural skin care in Nourishing Facial Cleanser with sage

I include essential oil of sage in Lily Farm Fresh Balancing Seaweed Facial Cleanser, Balancing Facial Toner and Nourishing Facial Cleanser.

Essential oil of sage works so well in all three of those, but I especially love what it does in the Nourishing Facial Cleanser. Perfect for daily use, this Our non-detergent, emollient cleanser leaves the skin fresh, clean and balanced. It is made with our homemade soap consisting of Almond Oil and Essential Oil of Sage for cleansing and toning, plus Tea Tree Oil for its antiseptic qualities. Lavender is added to refresh and soothe your skin. Especially useful for normal to dry skin types.