Organic Kukui Sensitive Treatment

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Organic Kukui Sensitive Treatment is a luxurious natural organic skin care product.

There are many reasons you might want to consider buying natural and organic products; particularly when it comes to choosing natural organic skin care. The Organic Center recently posted an article and cited farming as the number 12 reason why people choose organic products.

“Creates a healthier working environment for farm workers and rural neighbors.”

I’m a USDA-certified organic farmer and I can tell you that farmers and those of us living in rural areas love fresh air, clean water and healthy soil and we believe that organic farming promotes a healthy, sustainable ecosystem. The Organic Center further talks about the importance of organic farming:

“Farming is second only to mining on the list of the most hazardous occupations. Unless great care is exercised, exposures to toxic pesticides, caustic fertilizers, and other chemicals will pose risks for many people working on or living near farms. Organic farmers simply do not use high-risk chemical materials and so workers, and rural neighbors, have one less health risk to worry about.”

Get Fresh with Lily

The fact is that I don’t use any chemical pesticides or other high-risk materials on my farm translates into the fact that I begin with pure, organic plants that I know I can trust to use in my natural and organic skin care products which guarantees freshness. Freshness is extremely important when you are buy organic products as you want organic products that are pure and retain their vibrancy, their life force.

Made in the U.S.A.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care products are all natural or natural and organic and are all made in the USA with ingredients grown primarily on our farm in Henderson, CO.  I have traveled extensively to more than 80 countries around this big beautiful world and I have loved going to each and everyone. Traveling is one of my greatest passions. I adore other cultures, I adore people from different countries, I love to learn everything about them, what they value and how they live. However, when it comes to the people that work hard, strive for achievement, and want to make the best products in the world, I think they’re found right here in the good old U.S. of A. I love American-made products!   I love the fact that we are providing important jobs for my fellow Americans.

Award-Winning Skin Care

Yes, Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care continues to win awards for all of our natural and organic skin care products, particularly for our USDA-certified organic Kukui Sensitive Facial Oil Treatment which is a fantastic moisturizer for everyone; particularly anyone with skin sensitivities.  Kukui oil is a highly penetrating oil. It  smooths and softens irritated skin and is a also superb wrinkle treatment as it contains vitamins E and C which are both powerful antioxidants, keeping skin youthful and nourished. Order a bottle today and you’ll discover for yourself why natural, organic skin care is truly the best!

Love, Lily