If you have normal skin, you just need a good all-around nutritional plan and a simple skin-care regimen. If you have combination skin, follow the same advice as for normal skin, using the ideas in the sections on dry skin or acne where applicable.

Cleanse with a good organic cleanser or soap, whichever suits your skin. Just make sure it does not leave your skin feeling stripped of oil and dry. If you have combination skin, you may want to use products with lavender because it is so balancing.

Steam or Mask
For combination skin, steam with lavender, eucalyptus, nettle, and/or shavegrass. Both skin types can benefit from a gentle botanical exfoliating organic mask with ingredients of honey, papaya, pineapple, and lily. Once or twice a week should be adequate.

Use an organic toner or an astringent both delightful to use and with therapeutic essential oils that make your skin and senses rejoice. Again, if you have combination skin, look for products that contain lavender to balance.

All skin types need moisture after 25 years of age. Maybe you only need to moisturize around your eyes and/or mouth, or maybe your forehead gets dry. Just moisturize where you are dry. You do not necessarily need to apply moisture all over your face. If you are a combination skin type, you may want to use a light organic lotion that contains tea tree oil, rosemary, seaweeds, and lily, or maybe an oil-free herbal organic moisturizer that contains lilies, seaweeds, and calendula.

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