Lily Organics Skin Care Company was started by a young woman named Lily. After not receiving an invitation to the prom which she attributed to her bad skin problems (from which she could find no treatment that worked) Lily decided to turn to her family’s seven generations of American farming to find her own skin care solutions. Growing their own ingredients, on their own USDA certified organic farm, and making their own products up fresh, in their own USDA certified organic lab, allows them to ensure not only the freshest products, but also the best quality products on the planet. A product can only perform as well as its ingredients!

Lily_herself.jpgThis is Lily

Lily Organics Skin Care line includes, facial cleansers, toners, treatments, and moisturizers for Acne Prone, Anti-Aging, Dry/Mature Skin, Normal/Oily Skin and Sensitive Skin. I received a sample of Lily Organics Nourishing Facial Cleanser to review.

Nourishing Facial Cleanser

200-600-7988A9D0897CC21FA9E8880A6B5A830E.jpgNourishing Facial Cleanser is perfect for daily use. This non-detergent, emollient cleanser leaves the skin fresh, clean and balanced. It is made with Lily Organic’s homemade soap consisting of Almond Oil and Essential Oil of Sage for cleansing and toning, plus Tea Tree Oil for its antiseptic qualities. Lavender is added to refresh and soothe your skin. Especially useful for normal to dry skin types.

My Experience: This facial cleanser is absolutely wonderful! I take it into the shower with me and pump a small amount of it into my hands, and then I slather it on my face, neck and chest. I rub it into my skin in a circular motion. (You can also use a washcloth.) Then, I rinse it all off. I love how minty and fresh it feels on my skin. It deeply cleanses without drying, and it does not bother my eyes. All traces of makeup are gone and my skin is left feeling amazingly clean. I have had zero shine all day and no blemishes, so I know that it is working!

My teenage daughters, Kendi and Myelie both love it, too. They use it at night to wash their faces and in the morning, as well. I am thrilled that we are all using a product that does not contain any harmful chemicals like most face washes that you buy at the drugstore contain.

kinda_good_of_me_outside.JPGAhhhh, freshness!


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Disclaimer: I received a sample of this product to review and to keep. The opinions are my own.

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