Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care’s USDA certified organic Kukui anti-wrinkle facial oil is the perfect fix for fine  lines. I use it everyday, all day, under make up, over make up. You can apply it 5 times a day to keep your skin consistently moist and dewy.   It gives normal skin a glowing radiance. It feeds the skin so it is pliable and can recuperate from facial expressions and wrinkling of the skin.

Our USDA certified organic Kukui oil anti-wrinkle facial treatment for sensitive skin, is loved by all that have allergies and reactions to other products.  It only has 3 ingredients, vitamins to protect your skin and then product, and pure USDA certified organic oil.

This organic facial anti-wrinkle treatment is especially designed for younger folks, or people who have more normal skin. (If you have dry skin try our Seven Facial Rejuvenating oils.)

If you apply it all day everyday, it will keep the wrinkles away. It is very light and highly emollient oil. It is very absorbent and penetrates quickly to seep deep into the skin and prevent wrinkles.

It is gluten free facial care, and like all of our products it is synthetic chemical free!  Look for that on every label you buy of any skin care: “Synthetic chemical free!”

It feels divine going on your skin. What else do I love about it? It is USDA certified organic wrinkle treatment!

Try it, you will love it, I guarantee it!! Lily