For the first time available through Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care and Whole Foods Markets!

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is set to deliver a fresh batch of their hand-crafted skin care on July 25, 2014.  This batch of organic skin care is unique in that it will be made fresh within 24 hours of delivery to Whole Foods Market.  Lily and her hand-crafter Sandy will be working all night July 24 to create the products released the following morning.

Releasing such a fresh batch is unheard of, even in the organic skin care world. Companies traditionally use preservatives, usually chemical, to keep their products fresh. Lily Farm Fresh, however, uses no synthetic dyes or chemicals in their products.

“We are so excited to be on the cutting edge of organic skin care!  We were the first company in Colorado to make organic skin care and we are thrilled to work with Whole Foods Markets top 5 stores in Colorado to deliver Lily Fresh Batch Organic skin care!”

The ultra-fresh skin care products are going to be   available only in the top 5 Whole Foods Markets in Colorado, Cherry Creek, Tamarac, Highlands Ranch, Southglenn and Pearl St. in Boulder.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is the original pioneer of organic skin care in Colorado. Lily Morgan has been handcrafting purely natural skin care products since 1986. “We were organic before organic was cool,” she says. Her line is the only organic skin care company in the world that allows customers to buy organic skin care directly from the USDA certified organic grower.  Lily Morgan is a 7th generation American grower and author of the book, entitled, Beauty, Health and Happiness,– A way of life.  Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is available at Vitamin Cottages and Whole Food Markets in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.