Q: Lily, we left off with you stating that you finally after many years came up with a product that you called, “reproducible?”

A: Yes, I was probably about 24 years old, I called it our herbal moisturizer. By that time, I was seeing not only still some acne, but fine lines, too! I couldn’t believe I still had some acne and was now getting wrinkles, I had to do something again!
My skin was getting better and better all the time with all the good things I was doing, but far from perfect…and now, wrinkles!

Q: Tell me about the herbal moisturizer?

A: It had 19 different healing herbs for the skin including chamomile, calendula, lavender, all anti-inflammatory, healing for the skin. Comfrey which I need to do an entire article on for it’s anti-wrinkle properties, probably the best organic anti-wrinkle ingredient found on Earth. It also contained high moisture ingredients like aloe and seaweeds. It is fabulous, we now call it our oil free skin conditioning serum. It is the best organic skin care product for oily skin. It is the perfect organic moisturizer for skin that is not completely healed from acne, yet.

When you still have acne, you are very scared to use moisturizers, but you still need one in the delicate dry areas.

Q: Did you decide to market that product?

A: Yes, as I mentioned my sister was into organic, natural foods, and natural health back in the 70s and my Mom was by those standards a health nut back then, too. They both loved it and the idea of a botanical organic skin care line, so they encouraged me.

More with interviews with Lily and her organic skin care line later.