Irish mos natural skin care

Irish moss is an important ingredient in organic skin care products.

Moss is not an ingredient you might normally associate with organic skin care. However, Irish miss is an important ingredient in my natural skin care products.

Scientists with the U,S, Department of Agriculture state that 100 grams of edible sea miss is very nutritious and contains very high amounts of potassium, calcium, phosphorous, sodium and iron. Irish moss also has magnesium, chlorine, sulfur, copper, iodine and other trace minerals.

Irish moss is very soothing whether taken internally or externally. Historically, it has been used for respiratory disorders and as a nutritious food for the elderly and invalids. It is also used to ease the pain of gastric problems.

Drying and Reconstituting Qualities

Irish moss can be stored for years when it is dried. It maintains its nutritious value and swells up to its original size again when re-moistened.

This is only one of the attributes that make Irish moss such a valuable ingredient in organic skin care products. I love working with it — it almost seems magical the way it can be dried and stored for years then grow back to its original size.

A Natural Thickener

Irish moss partially dissolves in water and forms a viscous gel. It reacts with mild protein to form a thick gel. Instead of synthetically derived emollients in thickeners, Irish moss can be used effectively.

It is an emollient and enhances any organic skin care product. I use it in Lily Farm Fresh Balancing Seaweed Facial Cleanser, and it works well to help the product feel soothing and wonderful on the skin. It nourishes the skin with all of its precious botanical constituents.

Irish moss is a seaweed that is harvested in shallow water. When my mother was a teenager, she and her brothers and sisters packed it into large burlap sacks. She remembers that they got paid two cents a poind by a company that sold it to a milk processor. The Irish moss kept the chocolate milk in suspension.

I also use Irish moss in my Hydrating Moisture Mist. The moisture mist keeps skin moist, hydrated and supple. It also prevents lines and dryness.

Irish moss is an important ingredient in other Lily Farm Fresh natural skin care products, such as Balancing Facial Lotion and Balancing Oil Free Skin Conditioning Serum.