Lily grew up working on her Father’s apple orchard, a sixth generation American organic grower, since before the American Revolution.  After suffering terrible acne and finding no relief from the traditional Doctors and medications, Lily turned to organic botanicals and created Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care,in 1986.( Then, Lily of Colorado and later Lily Organics. )

Her first customer was Margret the co-founder of Natural Grocers.  With the success of the organic skin care products she developed, she began selling commercially in 1986, as the pioneer of the first organic skin care company in Colorado. Lily began growing her own ingredients when she could not source organic, this was in 1987 and there was no USDA certified organic program.  Growing up on a conventional farm, she was all too aware of the harmful pesticides and would not tolerate them in her products, to completely control quality and provide customers with total transparency, and the highest quality products possible,  she started growing her own lavender, calendula, comfrey, fennel, feverfew, and many more organic ingredients to create the best organic skin care products out there.

We were the first company to put, “No synthetic chemicals, ever!” on every bottle we produce, and the first skin care company in the world you can buy directly from the USDA certified organic grower!  We still were last time we checked.   Our organic skin care is the best and freshest in the world!  “A skin care product cannot be better than it’s ingredients!” says Lily.  This is how we give our customers amazing results!

Lily loves talking to the customers and wanted to engage them directly in agriculture in a meaningful way, and that is when Lily Farm Fresh Event Center and 80 acre farm was born. ” We want people to understand, organic is much more than a fashion statement, it is a methodology of agriculture and show them first hand.”

“We decided we wanted to hold celebrations here so everyone could be a part of our farm.”  We are honored to be able to have you here today!

She is author of the book Beauty, Health and Happiness-A way of life.