It simply feels like Jack Frost has something against you personally. Cold winds drying up and chapping lips. Drops in temperature that bring out the dry itchiness in your skin. During the harsh months of winter, sometimes it just seems that there isn’t enough that we can do to fight it. But at Lily, we know that protection is key in keeping your lips and skin moisturized and healthy. Lily Farm Fresh products wants to help you with always providing the best in organic skin care products.

Our organic skin care products line include lip treatments and enzyme masks that help protect your skin against the worst that Jack Frost can throw at you.  A blend of oils that serve as natural moisturizers are formulated in our Kissable Lips lip balm keeping your lips soft and supple even in the harshest winter environments. Our customers have even expressed to us that they use this product on their cuticles and elbows with fantastic results.

Too much time on the slopes? Leave the flaky landscapes to the snow-covered mountains around you. Your skin needs natural moisturizers throughout the winter in order to remain supple, healthy and beautiful. The skin on your face in especially vulnerable this time of year and once again, Lily has the natural skin product especially designed to help. Our Rejuvenating Enzyme masks combine the healing qualities of h0ney, pineapple and papaya to naturally strip away dead skin cells allowing our natural moisturizers to have more of an effect. Added to ingredients like mint, horsetail and Vitamins C & E, the Rejuvenating enzyme mask can help bring healing to damaged skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Using only natural moisturizers and other ingredients to our organic skin care products ensures that when you use Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, that you will never apply damaging toxins to your skin. We use zero synthetic chemicals and are wholly organic. Fight Jack Frost throughout the winter in a completely natural way with Lily.