Raw fruits and vegetables have powerful health effects on the body. Their nutritive energy is transferred to us when we eat them. Plants get their energy from the sun during photosynthesis, and when we eat the plants, they pass this nutritive energy into us. Raw fruits and vegetables are Mother Nature’s gift of life.

It is well-documented that in many people a diet high in raw foods can drastically reduce body degeneration and slow down the way you age, give you energy, and make you feel better emotionally.

Food influences the skin by changing the quality of energy that flows throughout the body. It affects the skin in other ways, by changing the quality of blood that nourishes new skin cells and producing the secretion of the sweat and oil glands. The skin receives about a third of the body’s blood supply. Food is essentially one of the best natural skin care products!

Nutrients provided by food are absorbed into the bloodstream, which supplies the skin cells. Therefore, the health of the skin and its connective tissues depends on the quality of nutrients they receive from the bloodstream.

The same is true with body care products applied to the skin. They also affect the quality of energy that flows through the skin. These products are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream through the cells in the skin.