Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Starting with your Skincare Regimen!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – Starting with your Skincare Regimen!

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, the first and only skin care company in the world, that is also a U.S.D.A. Certified Organic Grower, is making it easy for customers to live a more eco-friendly life. By never using synthetic chemicals, packaging in glass, growing their own ingredients, and shipping in recycled boxes, Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care enables its customers to reduce their carbon footprint through their skin care regimen. Founder and CEO Lily Morgan grows her own ingredients organically on her farm, they are then hand crafted in small batches each week for optimum freshness. She adds NO chemicals or synthetic ingredients to her unique line of facial creams, cleansers, masks and toners.

“Most skin care companies add synthetic chemicals to their products, and manufacture them in large factories, many overseas. ” said Lily. “Excessive waste is create from over-packaging, shipping and transportation.”

Being green has been a way of life for Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care since 1986, before being “green” was hip. All products are created using very little waste and are hand crafted in small batches each week. They are then packaged in 100% recyclable glass. Lily’s farm is sustainable agriculture, and by supporting organic farming, her customers are doing their part to improve the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. Lily’s products are packaged in her own FDA inspected lab in Henderson, Colorado. They are truly “Seed to Shelf.”

“By growing organic ingredients, packaging in glass and producing little waste, we are doing our part to reduce the carbon footprint. When you use Lily Farm Fresh Skin care, so are you!”

Lily Morgan is the author of Beauty, Health, and Happiness-A way of life. She is the founder and formulator of Lily Farm Farm Fresh Skin Care, Fresh, Chemical-free skin care line of facial care products. You can reach her at her website


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