To reduce stress
If you feel stressed, mix one or all of these essential oils in almond oil and inhale often: bergamot, jasmine, lavender, marjoram, melissa, patchouli, rosemary, sandalwood, and ylang ylang.

When you are emotionally weary, add these to your bath: lavender, neroli, rose, rosemary, sandalwood, ylang ylang, and thyme.


Try the Lily Homespa also known as the Lily Goddess Kit (see below).

Creator of all,

Who made me for happiness,
Let my cares drain from me.
Let me spend these moments luxuriating In the awareness of Your Divine Love.

My mother wrote this prayer for our Lily of Colorado Homespa. The Homespa is a wonderful pre-packaged, everything-you-need-to-do-at-home-spa product. It includes very specific, step-by-step instructions to take a two-hour retreat of relaxation in your own home. You can do the same thing at home with your own freshly made products. (Recipes are included in this book.)

At the time of this writing, to my knowledge, no one else has ever come up with or copied this idea. I must say it is one of my best ones ever. I love it! It is so needed in our crazy, hectic world. After completing our Homespa, you will feel like a different person— calm, relaxed, elevated. I cannot believe the life-changing effect this two-hour program can have on your life. If you fall into any of the following categories, I urge you to take a

two-hour retreat in your own home. Just make sure you have everything below to go through every step, and remember to do it mindfully.

 The Homespa is for people who are:

  • Stressed
  • Overworked
  • Getting married
  • Getting divorced
  • Needing balance
  • Needing to slow down
  • Expectant mothers
  • New mothers
  • Suffering a loss
  • Enduring PMS
  • Chronically fatigued
  • Starting a new job
  • Still stuck at the old job
  • In need of life improvement

Preparing for your homespa

First, gather the products you will need for the spa. Our Homespa includes:

Then, just follow this step-by-step process, which is a copy of the instructions my mom wrote for our Lily of Colorado Homespa:

Step one

Block out a minimum of two hours where you can be completely alone and undisturbed. Lock the doors. Disconnect the phone. Play soft, soothing music—begin to recognize the healing power of silence.

 Step two

Cleanse your face with Lily Organic Facial Cleanser (also great for all over your body in place of soap). Treasure the silence, knowing wonderful things happen in silence—seeds germinate, flowers bloom, the body repairs itself.

Step three

Apply Lily Organic Astringent/Toner with a cotton ball to remove any residue of soap or cosmetics.

Step four

Apply Herbal Organic Moisturizer to dry areas of your face, around eyes and mouth. Smile happily as you work around your mouth, knowing that simply by smiling you relax hundreds of facial muscles.

Step five

Boil two quarts of distilled water in a non-aluminum pan. Take one cup of boiling water to steep one tea bag. Use the rest of the water to steep the herbs for your steam facial. Put the herbs in the pan and heat for five minutes. Turn off the heat. Place a towel over your head so it covers the pan also. Breathe in, completely relaxing your whole body. As you inhale, mentally bless the plants, which are now imparting to you their healing essences. Use Toner/Astringent again on a cotton ball to remove residue from the steaming. Strain herbs and add the remaining water to your bath.

Step six

Choose a pleasant spot and sit comfortably with your cup of tea. Relax and be mindful of drinking your tea. Allow everything to flow from your mind, setting it adrift. If any concerns or cares intrude, let them float off like wispy clouds, out of your consciousness.

Step seven

Prepare for your bath. Apply organic Oil of Kukui lightly to your dry hair and wrap in a heated towel.

Step eight

Put Seven Exotic Oils in the running bathwater. See the rushing water as blessings being showered your way.

Step nine

Step mindfully into your bath. Apply Botanical Exfoliant Mask to your face and neck, while asking for—and expecting—greater wisdom in handling your everyday life situations.

Step ten

Hold the two remaining tea bags briefly under cold water. Lie back in the tub and apply them to your closed eyes. As you relax in the warm water, repeatedly bless these eyes that give you the gift of sight: the ability to see a star-studded sky, an orchard in full bloom, the majesty of mountains, the face of a loved one.

Step eleven

Sit back and relax for at least thirty glorious minutes. Enjoy each moment of the gift of silence and solitude you are giving yourself. Take pleasure in seeing yourself in your mind’s eye as the perfection you are meant to be. Silently, within, you might ask:

Creator of all,
Who made me for happiness,
Let my cares drain from me.
Let me spend these moments luxuriating In the awareness of Your Divine Love.

Step twelve

Gently rinse off. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as usual. Towel dry. While you gently dry yourself, observe the water draining out of the tub, seeing in your mind’s eye the stresses, concerns, and negativity being carried down the drain and out of your life.

Step thirteen

Lovingly apply Lily Organic Facial Lotion to your moist face. In this quietude, in this serenity that you are creating, know that ideas, inspirations, and solutions come through to you more easily.

Step fourteen

Apply Lily Organic Moisturizing Cream to your entire body, caressingly. As you spread the cream over your skin, consider this largest of the body’s organs. Give thought to the muscles, nerves, bones, and blood vessels hidden beneath it which silently, constantly work so effectively to serve you.

Step fifteen

Quietly and comfortably enjoy another cup of tea, realizing how much pleasure there can be in simple things. Make a mental note of the way you feel so that in the future, whenever you wish, you can recapture this sense of well-being.

Step sixteen

Light the candle and the incense. Consider the flame and ponder the many meanings of light: inspiration, ideas, and understanding. Consider the sense of smell and how seldom we think of what a gift it is. Become more grateful for the gifts in your life, and for the gift of life itself.

Step seventeen

When it is comfortable for you, bring yourself back to “reality.” Ask your body and brain to step up the tempo (but not too much!), to sharpen your awareness, to prepare you

to step back into your “normal world,” but in a better space, a quieter, more confident place, allowing you to live more mindfully in each present moment. Welcome back to your world this kinder you, this stronger you, this refreshed, rejuvenated, more patient, wiser, more loving and more mindful you.

Respite from an over-busy world

If you gather these items and follow these instructions you are going to benefit greatly; I personally guarantee it. It is only two hours. I urge you to give yourself this small, yet powerful gift.

So many women say they do not have time, and I understand. People in this country are running their lives at such a frantic pace, many because they have to; it takes moving quickly and swiftly all day every day to get it all done. But you know as well as I do that if you are not having some quiet time, some balance, you start operating on two out of eight cylinders. Like a car, you become inefficient, ineffective, and often times, stall or even go in reverse.

When you don’t take a little time for your own peace of mind, you can become irritable and downright mean-spirited, harming yourself.