Search for the Perfect Moisturizer (why I founded Lily Farm Fresh!)

Search for the Perfect Moisturizer (why I founded Lily Farm Fresh!)

I founded Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care based on my search for the perfect moisturizer while also having problem skin. This is how I got started. I wanted to know the difference between Oil of Olay and Clinique. Is Clinique worth paying five times as much for? Does it work better? O.K., Why does it work better and what ingredient makes it an effective moisturizer, an effective treatment for acne? What specific ingredient in this jar makes it work? I found that many products had ingredients that were fillers-why include an ingredient unless it is an active ingredient?

Every ingredient we put into every product at Lily Farm Fresh not only is active, but is placed in the preparation for a specific purpose, to function as it has historically. For example, our Hydrating Moisture Mist contains seaweed to soothe and attract moisture, Lily because it helps reduce scars, Chamomile for its anti-inflammatory action, Calendula for its antispasmodic and skin relaxing action, Comfrey for its self proliferation properties. The Vegetable Glycerin helps the skin produce and retain moisture, Essential Oil of Lavender is antibacterial and balancing on your skin, Ylang Ylang is an antidepressant and the Grapefruit Seed Extract is high in Vitamin C and a preservative.

Lily Farm Fresh offers many products that are for specific skin types, but the American consumer does not seem to be ready for the concept that many natural products do not need to be limited to specific skin types. For example, Lavender historically has been used for oily skin and then again for dry skin, it has been used as an aphrodisiac and then again to remain chaste, the point is it is balancing. Herbs and essential oils are composed of the same chemical compounds as your body. Synthetic ingredients are designed by man to do one specific thing. For example, detergents are made to reduce surface tension and do so very effectively and part of that process is to strip dirt and oils. So, maybe you would use a detergent on oily skin, but never never on dry skin. Botanicals are not like that. Soapwort can be used on any skin type, but then it doesn’t lather enough, and we have been cultured to believe that soaps should lather.

My best advice when choosing moisturizers is to look at the ingredients and choose those that you can pronounce, grow, or harvest from nature. Skin loves botanical properties of these ingredients and you will have naturally radiant skin. -Lily

Find more information about quality ingredients, purchase or read Lily’s book, Beauty, Health, and Happiness: A Way of Life.

Lily Organics offers the following moisturizers:

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