Colorado High Altitude Extreme Cream

Colorado High Altitude Extreme Cream


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Moisturizes and protects from Colorado’s harsh elements.

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Product Description

Moisturizes and protects from Colorado’s harsh elements.

Who it’s for: People who have extremely dry, sensitive skin.

Why it works so well:
• Contains shea butter, increases suppleness and elasticizes the skin.
• Almond oil softens fine lines and moisturizes skin cells.
• Comfrey gently tones the skin and regenerates skin growth.


2 reviews for Colorado High Altitude Extreme Cream

  1. cocoa1901 (verified owner)

    I love the Extreme Cream! This was the first product I really tried from this brand, and I am so pleased with how it performs on my skin. No adverse reactions or break-outs (yay patch tests!) despite how thick the cream feels. I also LOVE that Lily’s products come in glass containers with the lids/tops being the only plastic. As someone trying to reduce plastic waste, this is a huge plus, as well as the fact that everything is grown and made in CO. I actually saw Lily’s products on Earth Hero first!

    I will say this product is THICK (or THICC for any other Millenials here). It’s cushy but quite solid in the container, and I currently scrape some out with the back of my fingernail or a spatula. I also found little droplets of oil on top of the shea butter when I first opened it which was cool. It melts super quick with your body heat, but still requires more of a patting to distribute on your face than a spreading motion as it drags on my skin. You will both look and feel like a grease ball with this moisturizer, so I mainly apply it on fall/winter nights and in emergency situations with my dry and dehydrated skin type. I rub whatever is left on my hands into my cuticles and its fantastic. This is immediate and LONGLASTING relief for dry skin discomfort (for me around the mouth and nostrils). I have not broken out or remained greasy after this cream absorbs into my skin and my face feels amazingly smooth afterward. I will definitely buy this every single winter!

  2. Amy Newell-Large (verified owner)

    This moisturizer is wonderful! Finally something that can stand up to the dry climate in CO! I was having difficulty with my skin getting flaky, itchy, red, and breaking out. This (along with the seven facial oil treatment) finally gave my skin the relief it needs. A little goes a long way, it lasts for a while. It feels pretty thick and almost greasy when it first goes on, but after a few minutes is absorbed and I could apply makeup over it easily. I’m so glad to have found this!

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Prunus duldis (almond Oil), vittellaria paradoxa (shea butter), USDA certified organic symphytum officinale (comfrey) and althaea officinalis (marshmallow), USDA certified organic sugar cane alcohol.

Our fresh grown ingredients make our products safe cosmetics!

Results: Moisturizes and protects from Colorado’s harsh elements.

For Best Results:
Apply to face and body sparingly and allow Colorado High Altitude Extreme Cream to melt into your skin.

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