Organic Kukui Sensitive Facial Oil Treatment – Unscented

Organic Kukui Sensitive Facial Oil Treatment – Unscented


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This highly penetrating oil prevents mature aging.

Product Description

Unscented, a soothing product especially for sensitive skin. Organic Kukui Sensitive Facial Oil Treatment is derived from the kukui nut. This tropical oil, rich in essential fatty acids, is light, non greasy, very versatile and gives the skin a vibrant glow. The light, nutty scent of Kukui should be mild enough for sensitive skin customers, or it can be custom blended with pure essential Oils. This oil is for those who prefer lightness to the heavier richness of our Seven Facial Rejuvenating Oil Treatment.

Who it’s for: People who are allergic and sensitive to everything, people that want
unscented, people who want USDA certified organic.

Why it works so well:
• Kukui oil smoothes and softens irritated skin and is a superb wrinkle oil treatment.
• Vitamin E and C are powerful antioxidants, keeping skin youthful and nourished.

5 reviews for Organic Kukui Sensitive Facial Oil Treatment – Unscented

  1. Lily

    Our first USDA certified organic product to get to market! We have 5 more approved by the USDA! This is a very light highly absorbent oil, perfect for super sensitive skin. We do not add any essential oils or scents or even herbs to it. Simple, clean and effective!

    If you love oils, you will love this product! I guarantee it! lily


    Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Organic Kukui Sensitive Facial Oil Treatment Unscented

    I was really interested in trying Lily Farm Fresh products due to them being Organic, Vegan and cruelty free.I contacted the company and they were so nice and generous to send me the product to review. I got the opportunity to review the product I was most interested in. I like using facial oils because my skin have become very dry throughout the years. And let me tell you I am AMAZED by this oil and now I have a favorite. It is unscented but it has this very nice mild smell. It works great and does not break me out which is a PLUS. I have found some of the facial oils out there have really strong smell. I am in love with this oil and my skin loves it too. If you like facial oils give this oil a try and even if you don’t still give it a try.

    • Lily

      Thanks so much for your kind comments. Thanks for supporting USDA certified organic growers! Lily

  3. Elisa (verified owner)

    Excellent product. I’ve tried other oils, but they always made me break out. This oil keeps my sensitive skin hydrated and soft without any breakouts. Highly recommend!

  4. Michelle (verified owner)

    I have been using the Organic Kukui Sensitive Facial Oil Treatment for close to five years now. It makes my skin glow and greatly diminishes my acne. I also use it on occasional eczema breakouts for fast healing. This stuff is just wonderful.

    • Lily

      Thanks so much Michelle, we appreciate your kind comments!! You will soon be able to visit our farm and watch us make our products! Like us at Thanks again, Lily

  5. Amy Russell

    I am 44 years old and have lived in Colorado for several decades. During a facial about four years ago the esthetician said, “Your skin is so dry I cannot extract your blackheads.” It was winter and personally, I would have guessed that my nose and chin (where the blackheads are) were oily regardless. She explained that it would be very beneficial to start using an oil and suggested a rose hip oil. I tend to avoid the “trend of the moment,” so I skipped the rose hip suggestion but went in search of a good oil that I could use daily. I LOVE this product. It is among a handful of products I love so much that I gift it to friends to change their lives. It is light, does not cause me any breakouts, and my skin just drinks it in. I use it both at night and in the morning under anything else I put on.

    • Lily

      Hi Amy, Thank you so much for your kind comment! Yes, I love our oils, too! I am taking fish oils to bring more oils into my body and it helps. Make sure to get on our mailing list on our website so you can know all about our events at our new farm and event center. We love meeting our customers! Thanks again, Lily

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Aleurites moluccana (kukui nut oil*), ascorbyl palmitate (Vitamin C), and D-alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E)
*USDA certified organic

Our fresh grown ingredients make our products safe cosmetics!

Results: This highly penetrating oil prevents premature aging.

For Best Results:
As a facial moisturizer: Apply a small amount of Oil of Kukui to the entire face and neck area day and night. Use as a body moisturizer to give the skin a vibrant glow. Can be added to massage oil formulas or to skin preparations for a more emollient feeling. Great sun tan oil and after sun oil. Another one of our oils that can be used for a hot oil hair treatment.