Skin care expert shares secrets to making your skin care products

Are you tired of synthetic chemicals in all your expensive body care products? Lily, founder of Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, and organic grower shares secrets to making your skin care products,  suggests you save your money and provides recipes in her book, Beauty, Health and Happiness, to all who want to be synthetic chemical-free.

Why be so particular about ingredients in skin care?

According to the Natural Foods Merchandiser, “A  report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta said that many adults have high levels of toxic chemicals in their bodies because of synthetic ingredients in many mass-market personal care products.”*

PAPAYA EXFOLIANT MASK – Simply take one papaya and put in the blender.  Apply to dry face and leave on for 20 plus minutes.  You may also add ground herbs, other fruits or vegetables, including cucumber.

HONEY LAVENDER ROSE MASK – Ground up into a powder, one (1) ounce each of lavender and of rose.  Mix into the consistency of honey to make a pasted that will be easily applied to the skin.

FACIAL SALT SCRUB – The salt scrub can be used for all skin types.  Instead of an enzyme or acidic action to remove dead cells, the salt scrub uses a mechanical action.  The salt scrub is the easiest and best way to have a scrub available at all times.  All you have to do is simply add salt to your cleanser or soap.  It is very important you do not add salt to the product in the bottle or jar.  You must only add it at the time of cleansing or you will change the chemical constituency of the product!!  You can also do the exact same thing with sugar.

VINEGAR PEEL – For all skin types, except sensitive, vinegar is very acidic and can disturb sensitive skin.  The vinegar removes dead cells so it is perfect for dry flaky skin or oily skin.  Mix ¼ to ½ cup certified organic (with the Mother in it, the floating sediment is imperative to quality vinegar) to one cup pure water.  Take a washcloth and cut out the eyes and nose to see and breath.  Soak the washcloth in the water/vinegar mix and apply to your face while lying down.  Leave on for up to 25 minutes.

BODY SALT SCRUB – This can be used for all skin types periodically as needed to remove dead skin.  Put 2/3 cup olive or almond oil in a small bowl.  Add approximately the same amount of sea salt or table salt (if that is all you have on hand) or sugar.  Add enough to make a nice consistency to be able to grab and rub all over your body.  Add several drops of your favorite essential oil and begin rubbing all over your body in the tub – seated.  Be very careful in the bathtub because the oil can cause you to slip and fall.  Rub the salt all over your body to remove dead cells.  When you are done, shower off. Your whole body will feel fabulous.

Copyright Lily Organics, Inc. 2002

* Quoted from the Natural Foods Merchandiser, June 2002 .