Lily and Company:

I have been a long time user of Lily Products and swear by them. In the “if you are stranded and have to take only 1 thing with you scenerio” that’s a no-brainer: it would be Lily Moisture Mist!

I want to tell you how Lily Moisture Mist is making a dramatic effect for me. Recently I tripped and fell face flat on red brick. I have a broken nose and my forehead and nose are damaged from the fall. When I arrived home from the hospital I have been using Lily Moisture Mist regularly and I feel that it has made a dramatic healing effect on my face. My skin feels so soft and hydrated and I believe that the organic products in Lily Moisture Mist have been expediting the healing process externally. When I move the scabs do not crack and hurt as is the case when scabs normally occur. Also I really swear the healing time is speeded up by the soothing Moisture Mist.

Thanks Again and Please Don’t Ever Stop Making Lily Moisture Mist!

Deborah Bender