Baths have been used to cleanse the body, relax the mind, remove evil spirits, improve attitudes, create awareness, celebrate life, attract love, relax, produce invigoration, and aid in meditation. The infirm in hospitals and nursing homes are placed in protective seats and lowered by pulleys into warm, jetted tubs. Taking a bath can be a very pleasant, relaxing, almost ritualistic experience.

I remember on sweltering hot summer days, we would get up very early to work in our apple orchard. We had no pool or pond or creek. In the heat of the afternoon, we would climb a tall ladder to bathe in a raised water tank that resembled a giant “pork ’n beans” can on stilts. The water was cold and invigorating, and conducive to getting us back to work for the rest of the day and evening.

There are many organic skin care products, herbs, and essential oils you can put in your bath to heighten the experience and to make your skin soft and moisturized.

You can buy prepared organic bath products, like our Lily Farm Fresh Tuckered Farmer Bath Soak, or you can easily make your own using an infusion, or tea, of chamomile, calendula, arnica, lily, and rose. Put any combination of these herbs in your bath. You can also put them in almond or safflower oil first and let the herbal properties impart to the oil, and then put the oil in your bath. Putting essential oils in almond oil and then adding it to your bath is also a wonderful experience and a remedy for dry skin, in addition to organic dry skin care products or organic sensitive skin care products. Persons who perspire freely and have oily skin should bathe more frequently. People with sensitive skin can bathe less often. In the winter, itching may develop with too much bathing unless sensitive creams, oils, or organic moisturizers are used.

Today’s pace of life—the pressures, the increasing tempo, the constant demands— absolutely requires us to build in small blocks of time to renew, relax, and recharge. One easy, fun, and great way to do this is to take two hours a week for yourself for a long, comforting, wonderful bath. Many herbs can have a powerful effect on the mind, some by encouraging calmness, others by stimulation.

Start by planning the time, then turn down the lights, lock the bathroom door, light a candle, and sink into a warm or hot herbal bath. Rest your head and neck on a folded towel. Let your arms float.