My method for long-lasting beauty, health, and happiness is for American women who want to have them but are already overwhelmed in their day-to-day life. It is for the women who want to drop their negative habits and bring new positive habits into their lives. The Lily Method is for the woman who wants to learn as much as possible about beauty, health, and happiness but just can’t find the time to fit it all in. The Lily Method is for women of all ages who know they can be more beautiful, healthy, and happy, but haven’t acquired their own techniques to implement these things in their daily lives.

Keep it fun

Note: The Lily Method is intended to be fun, mood-elevating, interesting, relaxing, mind-opening, exciting, beneficial, result-oriented, confidence-building, and to create long-lasting beauty, health, and happiness. Best of all, the Lily Method is simple.

My theory is that all of us have bad habits or addictions that we want to give up, but for so many reasons we have not been able to. Sometimes it’s just the stress of even thinking about having to give anything up in a world where we seem to need so much and are getting so little. Or maybe it’s an addiction such as coffee or nicotine. Maybe we are so busy we just can’t seem to find the time to seriously think about how to go about breaking a bad habit. Maybe we see the habit as a friend. We all have our reasons.

In addition, I think we all want to bring positive things into our lives, but like the reasons we don’t give up the bad things, we don’t get around to bringing in the good ones. We know exercising is good for us, but we just never get around to it. We have heard some talk about herbal teas, but we don’t have any handy when we think about trying some. We know smoking is detrimental to our health, but we’re too stressed to quit and wonder what would take its place. It makes sense to us that eating a dead animal is not as good for us as eating fresh vegetables, but then what do we fix for dinner when we’re in a hurry?

These thoughts and ideas spin in our heads creating more tension, more stress, and more anxiety.

Accept your bad habits!

The Lily Method emphasizes not beating yourself up for your bad habits. Accept your bad habits as part of your humanness. If you are going to buy that Snickers bar and if you are going to eat that Snickers bar, then enjoy that Snickers bar, savor every morsel, chew it slowly, thanking the good Lord for allowing you pleasure. The same goes with steaks, french fries, or coffee, and especially cigarettes. I have a good friend who is constantly puffing her cigarette while simultaneously talking about how bad it is for her and how she should quit. The smoking is one thing, but to beat yourself up like that is worse for your health. If you’re going to smoke, smoke and enjoy it. The important thing is not to beat yourself up for it.

So many women never go to a restaurant without mentioning how many calories are in everything. If that stops you from eating something not good for you, okay, but if you are going to eat it anyway, don’t think about all the negatives; just enjoy it.

Accept yourself

So the first step in the Lily Method is to totally accept yourself, complete with all your good and bad habits. Just let yourself relax about it, no matter what the bad habit. (The bad habits I am referring to do not include serious drug or alcohol problems. For those problems, seek medical attention and professional treatment.)

Okay, now that you have decided not to beat yourself up for what you are doing anyway, you need to start bringing easy, simple, healthful things into your life. Here is my list, but there are so many others that you can add. Go through the list and pick out one thing and try it for a week or a month, whichever makes more sense to you. See if making it a part of your daily or weekly life doesn’t make you feel better, look better, or add confidence or happiness to your life. If it does, make a commitment to it, but only if you’re benefiting and it suits you. After that positive thing becomes a ritual or you have deleted it, pick another healthful habit to try.

Choose what suits you

Slowly bring these positive things, practices, and habits into your life. Accept that many may not suit you. Vegetarianism may just not be for you at this point in your life, or maybe it is, but you’re not ready to give up the Snicker bars, too; it’s okay. One program doesn’t fit all people.

What the Lily Method can do to improve your life:

  • Help you let go of the negative thoughts you have about yourself because of your present bad habits
  • Help you look and feel better because of the new positive habits you are incorporating
  • Make your life more interesting by trying many new things
  • Create self-confidence because you are taking control of your life
  • Create self-discipline, which is the cornerstone to happiness


The Lily Method is just that you keep trying new things and keep a commitment to the things that are improving your life. Try my method. Just plan on being a little more beautiful, a little healthier, and a little happier.


  • Wearing essential oils instead of synthetic perfumes
  • Drinking a relaxing cup of chamomile tea one night a week
  • Adding a fresh apple to your daily diet
  • Taking a bath with essential oil of lavender to relax once a week
  • Buying one pure body care product without any synthetic ingredients
  • Giving up beef for one week
  • Meeting your friends for a walk instead of a meal
  • Buying organic produce for one week
  • Buying and using an inexpensive water purifier
  • Bringing carrots to work to snack on for one week
  • Buying one fat-free healthy snack food to try
  • Taking one good multivitamin every day for a month
  • Using a shampoo without sodium laurel sulfate
  • Saying one positive affirmation daily
  • Buying a good book on herbal remedies and using one of them first instead of commercial products
  • Planning your next vacation around a healthful activity (swimming, skiing, snorkeling, hot springs, hiking)
  • Taking a sauna or steambath twice a week for a month
  • Doing one yoga pose for 30 seconds every morning for a week
  • Doing ten sit-ups every morning for a week
  • Buying one more herb to cook with and using it
  • Keeping a daily journal for one week
  • Drinking more water each day for a week
  • Drinking one less cup of coffee per day for two weeks
  • Buying one herb of your choice in bulk and doing at least two different things with it
  • Keeping an aloe plant in your kitchen for burns and pimples
  • Doing a hot-oil treatment for your hair once a week
  • Setting aside one or two hours to meander around a health food store, look at items, ask questions, and purchase a couple of things that you find interesting
  • Buying one herbal book


Congratulate yourself on your achievements, no matter how small. Forgive yourself for any slip-ups. Enjoy the satisfaction of doing something good for your body. Enjoy taking more charge of your life.

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