The Lily Theory and its application is this: Whatever you are using internally to treat your external skin problems, also use externally. So if you are taking brewer’s yeast for acne or eczema, try using it externally by making a paste and applying it. If you’re taking lecithin for psoriasis, also apply it externally on the affected area.

If you are taking vitamin E and PABA for hair growth, then also apply it externally. If you are taking vinegar to detoxify and cleanse internally, then also apply it externally as a toner or in your bath.

If you are drinking burdock tea for a skin ailment, try applying it topically. My theory states that whatever you are taking internally to treat an external skin problem will be much more effective if you also apply it externally at the same time. If you are eating more apples as a part of your nutritional therapy, apply them pureed as a paste to your skin. Whatever you are doing for the inside, you can do on the outside.

An additional benefit of this theory is that it may help keep you in check with not only the therapies you are treating yourself with internally, but also externally. For example, if you can’t ingest it and it won’t help detoxify you or build your system internally, then perhaps you shouldn’t be applying it to your skin. In other words, you should be no less concerned with what you apply externally than with what you take internally. The Lily Theory uses both of these concepts. I believe using the same remedies externally and internally gives you much more benefit than if you only take the therapies or apply them. I have personally found this theory and application very advantageous, and I suggest you try it with all your skin care therapies.

I believe “if you can eat it, you can put it on your skin.” Conversely, if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. Please use your common sense with this theory, as there are some exceptions. There are few absolutes in life, but as a general rule I believe combining the internal and external has a beneficial synergistic effect and I think you will be delighted with the results.

Warning: Some herbs are beneficial externally but not internally, such as comfrey and arnica. Consult an herb encyclopedia or your physician if you have doubts or questions.

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