Wow, yesterday was intense, as the USDA inspector came out and inspected our USDA certified organic farm, where we grow our ingredients for our skin care, our USDA certified organic laboratory, where we make the freshest and best organic skin care, and inspected and audited every ingredient we use in our USDA certified organic products!  Whew, I don’t mind telling you it is a rough row to hoe!

Are all those other skin care makers that much smarter than me? Am I just goofy? Who’s idea was it to grow seed to shelf organic skin care products? Sometimes I wish I had someone to blame for this 15 hour a day work week I have created for myself.

It seemed like such a brilliant idea at the time….the only organic cosmetic company in the world that grows it’s own ingredients, picks them at the peak of freshness, and makes them into the most wonderful cleansers, lotions and creams.

With the USDA certified organic inspector across the table from me asking for, yet more documents, I wasn’t so sure being a USDA certified organic grower and processor, was such a good idea.

Most all skin care companies, just call a private labeler to get their products on to the shelves, they are free to spend all their time marketing and selling.

I might not be the best marketer of organic masks, organic rose toners, but I am sure that we make the best organic skin care product available in the world.  Don’t believe me?

Try our organic skin care line, try lily organics’ facial products and rejuvenating facial mask.  If you don’t love it let me know.

In the meantime, we will just keep doing what we do best, being the best organic skin care company.  Growing our own USDA certified organic chamomile, yarrow, comfrey, nettles, feverfew, lavender, and so much more.  We will keep making our organic skin care line fresh for you, and we will keep following those hundreds of pages of forms and regulations for you!

It is clear to me, why we are the only skin care company on planet Earth that goes through all this work.  They just don’t want to do all the work, fill out all the forms, follow all the regulations, meet with all the inspectors, implement the systems to follow the regulations, write the procedure manuals to provide the mechanisms to insure the quality…I really dont want to do it all either…but it is how we can guarantee, and have a third party verify for you that we really do follow every quality control procedure they have to insure you the best organic skin care.

Thank you!  Lily