I get this question all the time. “What is the big deal? Why do you have to grow your own ingredients, why do you have to make your own products fresh every week?”

For right now, I am just going to give you the short answer. “Because, there is no other way to make the best skin care product on the planet!! We are completely involved from Seed to Shelf. We monitor every procedure implemented regarding our ingredients and our products.

Yes, we are bit insane, well, let me just speak for myself, actually, my employees seem pretty well grounded. Honestly, we go to these great lengths, because this is the only way to produce the highest quality skin care available in the world.

Yes, we have to redo and remake and handcraft everything every week, but that is the only way. You cannot have the best bread in world and make it 6months or a year in advance.

You cannot just go buy a can of the best corn in the world. It has to be fresh.

We will be writing volumes more on this subject, but let me just say, that we put love in the ground, love in the ingredients, and love in the product! Enjoy. Lily