Henderson, CO (February 11, 2013)

Lily Morgan does not have to go too far each morning to work.  She creates her USDA certified organic skin care line on Lily Farm, a 15 acre farm just north east of Denver, Colorado where she not only resides, but also grows the line’s organic ingredients!  Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care is the only skin care line in the market where its ingredients are grown on a certified organic farm and manufactured in a FDA certified lab.  Not the only line in Colorado, but the only skin care line in the world that can taut these credentials!   Lily takes takes pride in its “seed to shelf” method of business. Morgan says of her company, “Buying skincare from Lily Farm Fresh Skin Cares is just like buying vegetables fresh from a local grower”. Once manufactured, she ships the products directly to the customer when ordered from the website www.lilyfarmfreshskincare.com, thus reducing the carbon footprint. The line can also be purchased locally from retailers such as Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage Grocers.

Lily Organics, started by Lily Morgan over 26 years ago, can be considered the pioneer in Colorado organic skin care.  Lily confirms that she was “the first organic skin care company in Colorado.”  Lily can state that claim because she was ‘the first to have a USDA certified organic product as well as become the first and only skin care company in the world to be a USDA certified organic grower.”  Lily Morgan.  It takes a lot of time and energy to become certified, but Lily finds it extremely important for her skin care line.

The company maintains a green outlook on business and works hard to preserve Colorado’s farmland, all while boosting the state’s economy with its six part-time employees. The farm, lab and one of its products, Kukui Sensitive Facial Oil, are now all USDA certified organic with the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

In the future, Lily plans to open a farm factory store in Hudson, CO.  She already has the land. This will be one of Colorado’s premier agri-tourist destinations. “We will have an enclosed area where you can watch us make up all of products fresh every day, and see the plants we grow for our ingredients. We also hope to include six other organic manufacturers, including an organic winery, bakery, and chocolate maker.” Morgan

Lily Morgan is the author of Beauty, Health and Happiness – A Way of Life. She is the founder and formulator of Lily Organics, an organic, fresh and chemical-free skin care line of facial care products. For more information please visit www.lilyorganics.com, email:[email protected] or call 303-455-4194 or 1-800-333-LILY.