I think the best cleansers are made from almond oil soap, vegetable glycerin, and essential oils of lavender, rosemary, sage, and lemon juice. A good cleanser should go on easily and be a pleasure to wash with. They work best if followed by a fine scented, refreshing toner or astringent.

A make-it-yourself cleanser: Baking soda used as a gentle cleanser helps detoxify the skin from the outside by removing the grit, grime and pollution. A simple cleansing formula is:
*2 tablespoons baking soda

*1 teaspoon almond oil

*2 drops lavender essential oil

*1 cup water

*1 tablespoon honey

On low heat, combing all ingredients except honey. Remove from heat and let cool. Add honey. It will separate, so stir before using. Apply to the skin like a soap and rinse off with tepid water.
Cleansing creams and lotions that are made with beneficial herbs and oils are great for dry skin. They remove dirt and debris on the skin but don’t dehydrate or strip the skin of too much oil. Scrubbing grains were popular a few years back before the enzyme masks became the rage. They do a good job of removing debris from the top layer of skin. Many people, however, don’t like their abrasive quality.